Gym Ringette

Gym Ringette is growing as a terrific co-ed activity suitable for all age groups.

Excellent as an alternative game to Hockey, as an activity on its own, or as a "dry land" supplement to develop Ice Ringette skills.
Perfect for practicing or teaching indoors all year round.
Gym Ringette Equipment  -  2020 Pricing


Item #

   Description                                                                                Pricing
Recommended for Grades K through 5.                                                          $147.40
Set of 12 sticks (35)", two GS-15 goalie sticks, and two RR-G SkinexTM rings.
Recommended for Grades 4 through to adult.                                               $213.75
Set of 12 sticks (44"), two GS-15 goalie sticks, and two RR-G SkinexTM rings.
Recommended for Grades 8 through to adult.                                                $227.65
Set of 12 sticks (50"), two GS-25 goalie sticks, and two RR-G SkinexTM rings.
Single Items R2 Single stick (35")                                                                                                    $11.25 
Minimum order of 12 sticks R3 Single stick (44")                                                                                                    $15.25
R7 Single stick (50")                                                                                                    $18.25
GS-15 Small Goalie Stick (36")                                                                                         $13.95
GS-25 Large Goalie Stick (44")                                                                                         $17.95
RR-G Gym Ring                                                                                                                   $8.50
RS-TW Replacement Tip - White                                                                                          $4.75
RS-TB Replacement Tip - Black                                                                                           $4.75    
* Recommended * PDF Gym Ringette Manual - Basic Skills                                              
Provides a concise and easy way to implement the sport of Gym Ringette.
Contains the basic concepts and rules of Gym Ringette, teaching points and
progressions, skill development, team strategies and social relationships with others.